Door Industry Tips

Maintaining Locks, Hinges, Closers and Exit Devices

Aside from roofs, door hardware generally requires the most maintenance time of any facility component. The reason for this level of attention is doors cycle open and closed many times in a year, especially in locations such as visitor and employee entrances. By...

5 Ways to Secure Against Construction Site Theft

Theft is a big problem for construction managers. It’s hard to secure a construction site—you can’t lock up all your valuable equipment and materials inside a structure that hasn’t been built yet. Theft is a big problem for construction managers. It’s hard to secure a...

How to keep your door hardware looking like new?

That sheen. That sparkle. That right out of the box and onto your door shine! But what happens when the finish you fell in love with is looking a little worn and no longer has the luster it did when you first installed your new handset? That sheen. That sparkle. That...

How to Choose a Commercial Contractor

What is your first step in hiring a commercial contractor? Typing “commercial contractors” into Google and picking the first site you see? While that may help you find you a contractor, it’s important to find the right contractor for you and your project. What is your...

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